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FAQ - All About Makeup Brush Manufacture

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Kosmos the makeup brush supplier and its products, and the services of custom makeup brushes, private labelling, pricing, lead time, quality policy, shipment. For any other questions or inquiries, please contact

Are you taking new customers?

Yes we welcome new customers to our business to turn into long-term customers.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture makeup brushes and ancillary products in Shenzhen, China.

What are your minimums?

We take pride to offer some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry, and are passionate about helping to start your Makeup Brush line successfully.

We prefer 500 pcs per style – for single or solid color of styles with plain wooden handles
For ready available plastic handles we prefer 1000 pcs per styles
For custom metallized handles we accept 1000 pcs per styles

Note: For custom logo and brand name printing, there is no MINIMUMs.

Are you scaleable? Do you also do large mass production orders?

Yes we are scaleable. We accept 500 pieces in the beginning, and we are able to fill your large size order. We are equipped to do mass production orders with average monthly production capacity of 600,000 units per month.

What are average prices?

We design and manufacture makeup brushes to your exact specifications and standards, so the products are customized and the costs vary. To give you an idea generally our face brush costs US$0.5-US$2.5 while eye brush and lip brush cost US$0.3-US$1.5 per unit only. To make an enquiry or to receive a quote for your brush, please contact us with as much information as you can and a representative of our sales team will contact you.

What is your turn around time or lead time?

Being a small quantity custom Makeup Brush manufacturer for sampling we take 7 to 10 days. For mass production 30 to 35 days. However much depends on the total quantity and style detailing. The best if you contact us and get our confirmation as each style and each order is unique. General answer will not be a justice!

Do you have terms for companies? What are your credit terms?

Generally we do Ex-works and FOB Shenzhen shipment terms, but we are open to other terms including CFR and CIF. Concerning payment terms we accept T/T 30% deposit and balance after final inspection before shipment. At the same time we also accept Paypal payment and Letter of Credit.

Do you have brush ancillary products?

Yes we have brush ancillary products. We produce makeup brush rolls, makeup brush cases, makeup brush gift boxes and retail packaging of various designs and materials like PU leather, PVC, PET, cardpaper,  woven or non-woven fabric, acylic, brush cleaner, brush stand / holder and displays.

What is the cost of one sample set (with logo)

Generally it is US$60.0 – US$85.0 including brushes, logo and shipping, varies with material types, brush quantities and packaging in a set.

How do you accept payment securely?

For sample payment we accept Paypal. PayPal is generally safe, especially for buyers. For bulk payment we accept wire transfer to our company bank account, which is recognized by the government. Letter or Credit also works in our company.

What is your returns policy for faulty items or poor quality production?

We replace all faulty items or defected products at our cost if any.

Can I custom select the colour of ferrule?

Yes you can. Just please keep in mind some certain colors like gunmetal color need extra treatment, which cost more. For common colors like silver, gold, black, or original aluminum color the costs are same.

What happens if the bulk order is lost in transit / not delivered or delivered late?

We deliver the goods Exworks or Free on Board. For past shipments of nearly ten years the bulk order has never been lost in transit. Our production progress is updated to customers weekly or upon request. For safety a freight insurance can help.

What are your quality assurance processes?

Our QC team do raw material inspection, on-spot random inspection, semi-finished product 100% inspection, finish goods inspection. We accept third-party inspection booked by customers themselves.

Do you have a customer portfolio if so, can I see some of the companies who you create brushes for?

Yes. I can send you some photos for your reference and confirmation.

What services do you provide?

We do tooling, samples, packaging and shipping. We do sourcing as well. We have good access of almost every kinds of related materials and components. If in any case we do not have anything in stock, we source the same for you meeting your specific preference.

How do you ship to my country and what would be the shipping cost (both for sample and bulk)?

Generally by sea / air for large volume, by air / express for small volume including samples. But it is up to you. For sample shipment it costs approximate US$25.0 via DHL or Fedex. For your trial order as the goods volume won’t be so large, I suppose, it will go by air or an Express. But if each brush is placed into a paper box the volume will become very large. So when you decide on the packing / packaging, we’ll be able to calculate the volume and consult a forwarding agent to see how much the freight will be.

Which process do you use to print the logo onto the wooden handle screen printing or hot stamping ? Which one produces longer lasting results without the logo rubbing off ?

Mostly we use pad printing, but we can also do silk screen printing and hot stamping as per clients’ specification. Hot stamping is the most expensive among them. Silk screen printing works well on a flat surface instead of arc surface and the coating can be thick. Pad printing works fast on small areas like brush handles and the coating is thinner than that via silk screen printing. In order to last long without rubbing off, we must use good quality foil and set a correct temperature and time span for hot stamping, and right chemical agents for pad printing and silk screen priting, this way they all last long.

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